News Paper

True, Internet has taken some giant leaps over the last couple of years but even today print media is the best publication to enhance one's visibility. Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest yet powerful means of promotion for any product or service. Reading newspaper is a daily practice of many people in India, and due to this popularity of newspaper in India it is known to be a good medium of advertising.

Keeping the same in mind we give our client a fine place in various channels of print media. Be it is leading newspapers or regional tabloids. We make sure that all your events and press notes get the due coverage.

Newspaper Advertising helps in a better brand recall value. Almost every Indian likes reading newspaper so as to remain updated with latest happenings in and around the society, hence it is the best way to get maximum publicity.

Brand-ad puts great value in designing newspaper ads that will give your marketing message the most exposure, and maximize your response rates. From the smallest single column insertions to full page or ‘double-truck’ ads, it is critical that your newspaper advertising design and copy works hard to clearly communicate your sales message an motivate your prospective customers.

Brand-ad have a good relationship with all most all leading local and national newspaper publisher to provide best rate to our valuable clients for their brand promotion.